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dc.contributor.authorSegura Sala, José Javier 
dc.contributor.otherUniversidad de Cantabriaes_ES
dc.description.abstractMany special functions are solutions of first order linear systems y_ n(x) = an(x)yn(x) + dn(x)yn−1(x), y_n−1(x), = bn(x)yn−1(x) + en(x)yn(x) . We obtain bounds for the ratios yn(x)/yn-1(x) and the logarithmic derivatives of yn(x) for solutions of monotonic systems satisfying certain initial conditions. For the case dn(x)en(x) > 0, sequences of upper and lower bounds can be obtained by iterating the recurrence relation; for minimal solutions of the recurrence these are convergent sequences. The bounds are related to the Liouville-Green approximation for the associated second order ODEs as well as to the asymptotic behavior of the associated three-term recurrence relation as n ® +∞; the bounds are sharp both as a function of n and x. Many special functions are amenable to this analysis, and we give several examples of application: modified Bessel functions, parabolic cylinder functions, Legendre functions of imaginary variable and Laguerre functions. New Turán-type inequalities are established from the function ratio bounds. Bounds for monotonic systems with dn(x)en(x) < 0 are also given, in particular for Hermite and Laguerre polynomials of real positive variable; in that case the bounds can be used for bounding the monotonic region (and then the extreme zeros).es_ES
dc.format.extent17 p.es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 3.0 Españaes_ES
dc.sourceJournal of Inequalities and Applicationses_ES
dc.subject.otherMonotonic difference-differential systemses_ES
dc.subject.otherRiccati equationes_ES
dc.subject.otherThree-term recurrence relationses_ES
dc.subject.otherSpecial function boundses_ES
dc.subject.otherZeros of orthogonal polynomialses_ES
dc.titleOn bounds for solutions of monotonic first order difference-differential systemses_ES

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